This is a compendium and reference to all my previous created works. You will find information about each creation, as well as concepts, ideas and events that inspired each choreographic work.


Hamburg Ballet 

"Orbit" was created for the young choreographers of the Hamburg Ballet event in 2020 during the Corona lockdown period. It was premiered in December as a video due to the restrictions. The piece itself is abstract physical representation of the varied landscapes, mood, colour, temperature and atmosphere of different planets in orbit. 


Begegnungen mit Bach

Freelance daners and Metamorphosen Ensemble / Hochschule Lüneburg

"Begegnungen mit Bach" is a collaboration between the musicians of Metamorphosen ensemble and freelance dancers based in Hamburg. It was presented at the Bach Woche in Lüneburg in 2020. 


Here comes the sun

 Hamburg Ballet / Music from Dara McNamara

‘Here comes the sun’ was a spontaneous side project which premiered in Junge Schauspielhaus Hamburg as part of a collaboration with Irish singer and songwriter Dara McNamarra. It was intended to be upbeat, playful and entertaining as it was presented in an unorthodox venue for dance. Named after the legendary song by The Beetles, the piece was a tribute to the band and their rise to stardom in Hamburg in the early days of the bands formation.


Regina di Saba

Hamburg Ballet / Jungesymphoniker Hamburg

'Regina di Saba' was my first collaboration with the Junge Symphoniker Hamburg, receiving it’s premiere in the K6 Hall of the Kampnagel Theater in Hamburg. Based on the story of the Queen of Sheba and King Solomon from multiple religious sources, the first mention being in the Hebrew Bible. The ballet focuses on the theorised romance between the two after the Queen appears before Solomon, bearing lavish gifts and attempting to prove his rumoured wisdom which was widely spoken about in that era.


Carmina Burana

Marijn Rademaker and Silvia Azzoni

Danced by star dancers Marijn Rademaker and Silvia Azzoni, To the music “Ecce Gratum” from Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana, meaning “Behold the welcome” for the 'Les Etoiles’ Gala in Sardinia. I chose not to focus on a specific story for this creation, rather a chance to demonstrate the superior technique and virtuosic capability possessed by the two extremely high caliber dancers I had the opportunity to create with.


The Holy Sinner

Hamburg Ballet

‘The Holy Sinner’ was created for the young choreographers program of the Hamburg Ballet. Based on the novel Thomas Mann “Der Erwählte” and to music by Arvo Pärt, the story itself is one of convolution, confusion, and twisted ideology inflicted upon an individual. When I re-created the novel in the form of a ballet, I found it more suitable to portray the most impactful and key moments that were present in the story rather than a chronological recount of the events that occur within the book itself. With very emotionally and morally heavy themes such as incest, evil, self isolation and penance, the ballet I created attempts to convey a sense of confusion among members of the audience. With multiple plot twists and interconnected characters, it leaves one to ponder the existence of the main character Gregorius. Are the circumstances onto which he was born reversible by his own actions?



Hamburg Ballet / Jungesymphoniker Hamburg

My second collaboration with the Junge Symphoniker Hamburg, and Kampnagel Theatre. ‘Ovid' is the journey of the poet Ovid through ancient Greek mythological stories. The stories in particular being that of ‘Pigmalion’, ‘Eros and Psyche’, and ‘Narcissus’. It is based on the book ‘Metamorphosis’ written by Ovid himself, through the course of the ballet Ovid finds himself within the three mythological stories mentioned above, experiencing them with the audience firsthand and watching the events of the myths unfold before him.


The eye of God, 3rd Floor

Maria Eichwald and Alexandre Riabko

Presented at the International Ballet Festival Salzburg, for star dancers Sasha Riabko and Maria Eichwald. The piece receives it’s title from the name of the boarding house Mozart used to live in with his wife when he was young and composing in Vienna. My concept was to focus on the final journeys of Mozart’s life, which are very contrary to the joyful music present in the piece. As his last months were dramatic, full of anguish and suffering. Sasha Riabko plays the role of an aged, frail and dying Mozart as this beautiful music evokes memories of when he and Constanze were freshly in love. When he used to live in the “ Eye of God, 3rd floor” in Vienna.



Hamburg Ballet / National Theatre Genova

"Re-embodiment" premiered in the National Theatre of Genova as part of a charity gala dedicated to the "Ponte Morandi" bridge collapse crsis of 2018."Re-embodiment" obtains it's title from the definition of the word itself, meaning to give physical form or shape to something which is not physical such as an emotion or thought. Inspired by Dante Alighieri's 14th century masterpiece "Divine Comedy", containing a mixture of elements relating to Alighieri, such as his biography, the political situation in Florence at the time, his life and his love for Beatrice Portinari. The piece is the embodiment of the feelings experienced by Dante rather than external factors or literal events that occur in the poem.


For a Soldier / Fade to Light

Hamburg Ballet / Trintla Cultura Summer Festival

"For a Solider / Fade to Light" was premiered at the Trintla Cultura Summer Festival in Germany. It is the narrative of a widow as she is flooded with memories of her past and her relationship with her husband. How she awaits his return from war, but which he never does. 


Slovak National Ballet / Slovak National Theatre

"Marina" premiered in the Slovak National Theatre in early 2020 as part of the 100th Anniversary of Slovak Theatre. It is an original work created on the Slovak National Ballet, based on the world's longest love poem "Marina" by Andrej Sladkovich. 


Hamburg Ballet

Orpheus and Eurydice was presented in the Kleine Michael Church in Hamburg, in collaboration with the arts and culture festival of the church. The story of Orpheus and Eurydice from greek mythology books was brought to life in this alternate and intimate space, having been slightly modernised and adapted, I sought to retell the story in it’s true essence, without the use of large amounts of set, light and costume design.


Good night, Day

Hamburg Ballet

'Good Night, Day' was created for the Young Choreographers program presented by the Hamburg Ballet. It does not seek to depict a specific story, but is a physical and metaphorical portrayal of a concept familiar to every person, that being one of love. 'Good Night, Day’ takes the audience through a journey of somewhat disconnected or non-literal romance, as I aimed to depict how the human mind does not always require physical connection to someone, or something to feel the emotion of love. The striking movement and physical aesthetic of the piece being used contrarily to the true meaning behind the movement, the dancers represent an emotional experience rather than depicting a true narrative.



Hamburg Ballet

‘Oratio’ is my first creation, part of the Young Choreographers program of the Hamburg Ballet and presented in the Opera Stabile and stage of the Hamburg Opera house. It was a piece brought to me by the life altering event which was the passing of my grandfather. The impact of his passing inspiring me to begin exploring new avenues of my life, Oratio is a prayer dedicated to the memory of my grandfather and was my first step into the world of choreography.


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